The Home Place: A Fine Art Photograph

There are few days in January that bring opportunity to capture images of our little piece of Texas, this particular day revealed itself in rich colors and drama that makes us happy to live in the country. Our home place has been in the family since the early 1900’s and has been a part of many memories for several generations.

At daylight, it was awfully foggy. The heavy air had settled close to the earth, shrouding everything in a white cloak. As the morning wears on, the sun does its best to pierce the fog, allowing the scene to unfold. Patience is the key in landscape photography-a moment too soon and the scene hasn’t developed, a moment too late, the scene is passed. Time changes everything as the sun’s heat dissipates the thick blanket that once covered our part of the creek bottom.

Seattle Space Needle, From Underneath.

The Seattle Space Needle juts from the landscape, it’s hard to miss. With its iconic architectural elements and the promises of a great view from the height, it draws crowds that visit with camera in hand. Okay, I’ll bite…

The thing about such structures that invite hoards of tourists each year, is that mostly the pictures that emerge, are basically the same. I avoided taking the obligatory snapshots, and tried to get something that remotely resembled a photograph that had forethought. Appreciating the work of such an architectural and construction undertaking, I delayed our entry to get the shots. It seems anyone traveling with me experiences delays while I shoot. It’s a secondary price they pay to see the sights.

Seattle Space Needle ©Adam Graser Photography

Live Oaks Along the River

On the San Bernard river, in Texas, the live oaks are ladened with Spanish moss that sways with the light air from the Gulf of Mexico. Seagulls move a few miles inland to find food, and the river lazily makes its way out to the big water. In the late afternoon, the sun highlights spindly branches that can resemble our own lives-grow one way, then make an abrupt change to go in another direction. The moss flows and gives another dimension of movement to these trees as we are used to something more static and rigid.

Salesman, A Decisive Moment

After my wife and I were pulled from the street into a shop for a pitch on some wrinkle remover cream, I see the stand-by salesman move to the front of the shop. His pitch is heard by vacationers of Key West, but most try to avoid the calls to action. I anticipated the next target, just as he did. I waited to see reactions, evidence of eye contact or acknowledgement that this product is truly the answer to the problem with bags under the eyes. The little girl can’t avoid him, she hasn’t yet learned to keep eyes forward to avoid the possibilities of being pulled into an unwanted sales pitch. Obviously, I haven’t either, I was inside the store.

Salesman ©Adam Graser Photography