New Site, New Look, New Purpose

I've gotten away from Wordpress web sites mainly because of the time it takes to maintain and the constant headaches of keeping themes, plugins etc. updated. I'm trying to focus on my writing and photography rather than fiddling with web site nonsense. 

As for writing, I'm working on my first book to self-publish on photography. Nope, no pictures. Its comprised of thoughts, ideas, and essays that will inspire others, and get them to think seriously about their own photography. 

In my own photography, I'm starting a new portrait project. I'm not conducting the shoot as you might normally think one would, but more about that process as it comes. I have really missed working/collaborating with people to make art. I'm not really opening a studio for portraits for sale, but rather making images to include in my own body of work. 

I'm still shooting landscapes, but leaning towards night shots that make subjects look different than we are used to seeing them in daytime. There is something alluring to me about the darkness, quietness of the night. It helps me relax, be still, and concentrate on what's in front of me and the lens. 

Under Texas Night Sky-6866.jpg
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