New Project: Photography Podcast Host

I’ve always loved the thought of being able to share ideas, thoughts, and images. In the world we live in now, we have the technology to do so really easy. In fact, I’m writing this post on an app that allows me to do everything I was once required to do only on my computer. But many times that was kind of a hassle, time consuming, and clunky because of where I was, or time available for posting.

I decided to try podcasting because of the added impact on listeners of hearing a voice with inflection and tone. It has a different effect. Podcasting also reaches a different crowd that may not have time to read a written post.

Podcasting adds new tasks to the process of sharing though. After writing and editing a post, there is time spent on turning it into a spoken word format. We write and read more formal than we speak.

Recording the episode (for me, anyway) takes several attempts. The editing takes even more time, and similar to photo editing, software is used to make the episode sound as good as possible.

After all of this, I push it out to the world to add to the vast information that’s available to photographers to take in. It may not be ground-breaking in it’s originality, but it’s my perspective- my take on a subject, kind of like photography. Hopefully it helps someone.

You can hear the podcast by searching iTunes for Photography In Depth. You can also go to It’s the site I’ve made to dedicate to the podcast.

I post every week, and they’re not long as I try my best to get to my point quickly. I know everyone is busy with life. Plus, you should spend more time shooting than listening to long, drawn out podcasts.

Adam Graser