Fine Art Photograph: Ship on Ship

Ship on Ship © 2018, Adam Graser Photography

My day job gives me opportunities to find photographic subjects that are unique because of my perspective. While most people are taking pictures from the shoreline, I get to take them from the water. This particular image, Ship on Ship, presented itself as I was making way at 7 knots, from another vessel.

Often, things that we American’s think are outdated, or used up, are sent overseas. Many countries can’t afford newer equipment to get the same work done as here in the U.S. This tug will most likely sail with a new crew on distant waters.

Realize that I took many photos as I passed by. I’m hardly so lucky to get the “one and done” shot. I didn’t have the luxury of setting up a tripod, framing perfectly, all the while taking my time. I was aware of the possibility of a shot on my approach, and readied myself as best I could. In post- processing, I cropped the selected image to get the final image that said what I wanted to express.