Island Time

I zone out sometimes, I guess we all do, but sometimes with a bit of daydreaming, we place ourselves into scenes that pique our interest. I saw this island, complete with, house, a few outbuildings, and I lost myself there for a moment.

Island Time ©Adam Graser Photography

Island Time ©Adam Graser Photography

Being alone for periods of time appeals to me. This island, in my daydream, I imagined all the things I could do being alone and quiet. Surely restlessness would set in and the need to find people to interact with becomes necessary. Alone eventually becomes lonely.

Writing is one of the things I love beyond photography, but time is an enemy of a writer. With lots to say, it’s hard to get it all down before an interruption from life. So, if I were to live on this island, I’d have time. No one around, and obviously no time clock to punch.

On this island, I would probably have a boat to get supplies and do various other things, and I’d do some fishing as I haven’t been in many years. I fished with dad a lot while growing up, but now I’d have time and it would be easy to paddle around pulling in supper as needed.

The house looks like it has several rooms, so I’d invite people to come stay. I bet there would be plenty time to visit while drinking cold beverages enjoying the peaceful water that surrounds the island. I saw that the island also comes with its own weather. It has a puffy white cloud that hovers for some conversational interest while we sit sipping drinks outside. Oh, the stories we could tell. the new ideas we’d discuss. Only if I had an island, and time.

The image was taken in Laguna Madre, Texas, where there are a chain of small islands that are protected from the gulf of Mexico by the larger, well known, Padre Island.

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