Portrait in the Street: Piano Man

Seattle, Washington is a large city and no doubt has tourists, I was one of the many that visit each year. Where you have, tourists, you have street musicians that play and I love these people. They’re interesting, talented, and full of life. I definitely admire their tenacity. Their music fills the air , and their souls pour onto the street.

This man sits at an old, slightly out of tune piano and bangs out a living oblivious to the passer’s by. Only his tune is important. His bandage wrapped fingers are a testament to his dedication to his music.

I always tip a busker before I photograph, it’s an understanding that myself and a musician have without a word. They see the camera and the tip, they know what I want. I don’t really want poses, I want reality. I want them to get lost within their music and that place their mind goes as they play.

As the man plays, I shot probably fifteen pictures, all the while moving around him as if I was tasked like a reporter on assignment: Get the shot, tell the story.

Piano Man ©2018 Adam Graser Photography