Gear Overview

I try to curb my gear-head tendencies by only buying gear I need instead of the latest greatest that gets pushed out. For those interested, here’s a list of what I’m using.



  • Fuji X-T2 Mirrorless Micro 4/3 Camera

    • XF 16mm 1.4 R WR Lens

    • XF 35mm F2 WR Lens

    • XF 56mm1.2 R Lens

  • iPhone 8 Plus

  • Go Pro Hero 4

  • Go Pro Hero 5

  • Seree HDV-301 FHD-IR Video Camera

IMG_1764 2.JPG

Small Format Film

Pentax K1000

  • Pentax-A 28mm f2.8 Lens

  • Pentax-A 50mm f2 Lens

  • Pentax-A 80-200 f3.9 Lens


Zero Image 35mm Pinhole

  • 25mm focal length

  • f/138


Large Format Film

Harmon Titan 4x5 Pinhole Camera

  • 72mm focal length

  • f/206

Intrepid 4x5 View Camera.jpg

Intrepid 4x5 View Camera

  • 180mm f/5.6 Nikkor lens